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January 25, 2016

Bruce Bloomfield


The Santa Claus


Last weekend we had the amazing luck to have Santa Bruce attend a Children's Aid Staff Children's Christmas Party!

   From the moment Santa Bruce entered the venue you could feel the magic that he brought with him. Children that approached him were scooped up into his arms as they received individual attention from Santa. Santa Bruce took his time interacting with each and every child (over 80 kids) as he stooped to their height level for a truly individual experience!

   He was patient and answered each child's question just the way you would expect Santa to answer, especially with many questions about the Elf on the Shelf. As discerning social workers involved in child protection and welfare, we were amazed, and in awe of how amazing Santa Bruce was with the children and how he addressed every question with the most perfect answer.

   Many of the comments from the children were:

   'We know he's the real Santa as he has a real beard and his gloves don't come off' (his gloves were literally meshed to his hands)

   As child protection workers we were very concerned that the Santa would not look authentic or properly interact with the children. We called and researched many "Santa's" and solely settled on Santa Bruce as his pricing matched our very tiny budget, being a non-profit agency and the fact that he truly looked like Santa . We were so happy that we did, he brought a sense of magic to the evening and the smiles on the children's faces won't be forgotten!

   Thank you Santa Bruce, we will definitely consider you for future events!

- Jenn
Children's Aid

The 2014 Longford International kids' Christmas party was a new beginning for us as we found ourselves at a new venue and lost our previous Santa contact.

   Finding Santa Bruce was a stroke of luck and he certainly entertained all of the children in an excellent Santa manner, right down to arranging a nice family picture that included a 9-month old who previously cried to no end at the sight of the man in red.

   He is as real as they come and certainly is on our list for next year’s kids' party.

- Francis Zita

Manager, Information Systems

Longford International Ltd.

Thank you so much to Santa for coming out to our TD Ripley's Holiday Event on Sunday night.

   What a pleasure it was to have him there!

   The kids just loved him, and so did the adults – he was a huge hit! So friendly, always smiling and took pictures with almost all of our guests - We had over 1000 people attend!

   The event wouldn't have been as successful without Santa there so thank you so very much.

   Expect a call from us next year!

- Meaghan

Toronto, Ontario

Words can not express how happy Tony and I are to have you at Nicholas' birthday last night. Each and everyone of my guests had an amazing night and we owe it to you, Santa Bruce. Your presence, personality, and patience with the children make you the perfect Santa, especially with the extensive list of questions the children had for you with regards to your story T'was the Night Before Christmas! You made the experience feel as though Santa was really at our home last night! (Maybe he really was!). Nicholas will have memories of this experience for a long time to come, and so will we. I even got calls from some guests this morning as they wanted to let me know again how great Santa and the party were!

   Again, thank you SO MUCH!

   BTW: We still want to know your beauty secret seeing you're 406 years old! lol! ;)

- Julie and Tony Carbone

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your lovely service!

   What a wonderful way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive for children from different worlds.

   Absolutely thrilled with the time spent with the children, thank you!

- Elizabeth Castellanos

AMEC Americas Limited

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for dropping into our Christmas party this past year 2010. You were fantastic and our children loved you! You did an amazing job as it was mostly adults at our party and we thank you for making our party so much more festive! Can’t wait to do it again in the years to come.

   Thank you 

- The Mehlenbacher’s

I just wanted to share some comments I got about Santa Bruce from this past weekend:

   “The face painters and entertainer were a big hit and in all the years I've been doing this, Santa Bruce was the BEST SANTA we ever had. We definitely want him back next year!!”

   Please tell Bruce thank-you! He helped make this event a huge success! I will be putting his cheque in the mail today.

   All the best,

- Lauren Potts

Pop! Toy and Party Services

We had the pleasure of having Santa Bruce at our Christmas party, and he is a natural! He is patient, kind, and very cheerful- Definitely the highlight of our party. The seniors keep raving about him! I can confidently recommend Bruce to anyone looking for to hire a Santa and can only hope that he will be a part of our Christmas party next year.

- Melissa Scott

 Program Director at Loyola Arrupe Centre for Seniors

We recently had the pleasure of The Santa Claus experience at our office children’s party. Everyone loved him. He listened carefully and put all of them at ease, from the babies to the big kids. Looking and sounding just like Santa should, he helped our event run smoothly and made it an afternoon to remember. For anyone seeking a friendly, professional and fun Santa Claus, I highly recommend Mr Bloomfield. It’s no wonder he’s so busy at holiday time! Thanks again, Santa.

- Nirmala Fleming

Toronto, Ontario

I had a little family Christmas party at my house in December and had Bruce show up at my door as Santa Claus. Prior to Santa's arrival the kids were running wild around the house and screaming and fighting. As soon as Santa arrived, they became quiet and obedient. I wish I could keep Santa around all year. Bruce did a very good job. The kids really liked him and believed he was the real deal. He had great answers for all the questions the kids (and adults) asked him and he really looked authentic. I wouldn't think twice about hiring him again and will recommend him to my office for our next kids Christmas party.

- Sandra Currie

 Toronto, Ontario

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for the special visit to our Christmas gathering this past year 2004. You definitely left a lasting impression on all of the parents, and especially on the children. It was so nice to see the childrens' eyes light up when you arrived. You were so great with all the kids (even the shy ones). It was easy to see how much you love being around children when we saw how well you interacted with each one of them.

   As parents we were all impressed with your overall appearance and as well as your attitude. You were excellent with everyone, even the big kids! We would like to welcome you back anytime. We will never forget our special visit from Santa.

   Thanks again 

- Rita Iamarino

We had a great time. You were very believable with the children and they loved it. You were very kind and patient with all the children. Hope to see you again.

- Renata Giancarlo 

Bruce Bloomfield has given us the honor for the past three years to enlighten the children of our employees by dressing and acting as Santa Claus. Each year the children are all so very content and amazed by him. They argue amongst each other as to who will be Santa's helper before Santa can request the help.

We are very pleased and content with the service he has provided us with and will continue to invite Santa Claus (Bruce) back to our office until he hangs up the Santa suit.

- Vlad Romkanchych 

President & CEO Co-Auto Co-Operative Inc.

Bruce Bloomfield has been hired to be the Santa Claus for our firm Children's Christmas party since we first started organizing this event four years ago. Bruce has been the highlight of the day for the kids, not only because he is the man in red, but because of his wonderful disposition with the children - he is truly a natural! I would recommend Bruce for any event requiring a professional Santa Claus.

- Evelyn Katrakis

Assistant Office Manager Bennett Jones Services Limited Partnership

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bruce Bloomfield. I have known him for three years.

   Bruce has always displayed a high degree of carefulness, responsibility and ambition. He is definitely an accomplished and skilful person who takes great pride in what he does. In addition, he is very polite and patient, he has proven this by setting up a time and place to take some pictures of my grandson, and he was punctual and prepared. Bruce did a most magnificent job of playing Santa Claus.

He is also a most dependable individual. His good judgment and positive attitude will show as well as be very beneficial to anyone who will utilize his service.

- Isabella Farinha 

North York, Ontario

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